Where you should travel this September

Where you should travel this September

Once the COVID-19 virus outbreak has calmed down, people are going to be so ready to get out there and see the world. I’m imagining people busting out of their houses with suitcases packed and a spring in their step. And friends deciding to book a vacation on a whim after a few drinks at the bar.

So where will you go?

You might be avoiding thinking about that because you can’t travel right now and you’re uncertain when you will be able to travel; however, MMGY Global is predicting that people will return to travel more quickly than you might think, especially since we are right smack in the middle of the “fear” phase. They are predicting that people will start to shift their perspective around traveling within 45 to 90 days of the peak of the event due to the “pent up demand” for getting out of the house.

With that timeline in mind, we will likely be seeing people headed on vacations in late summer and into the Fall. Families with children may want to jump on the opportunity to get their vacation in before the new school year, but others may want to play it safe and wait longer, or wait for the off-peak Fall season for less crowds and lower costs.

Because I know that you’re going to want to make your epic 2020 vacation happen sooner than later, I want to concentrate on some amazing destinations that you can travel to in the month of September, so that you can go ahead and start planning.


Even though summer is winding down, the temperatures are still consistently high and the waters are still warm in Hawaii in September. You can still enjoy all of the activities that you would come to Hawaii for, like swimming, snorkeling, and surfing, with less crowds and a break on the cost. Though September is rainier than the summer months, the rainy season doesn’t begin until October. Be sure to do your research to find the perfect Hawaiian island for your travel style.


If you’re done with summer weather, and are looking for a change of scenery, Scotland has the unique and mysterious landscape you’re looking for. While September is one of the wetter months of the year, Scotland is not known for being a sunny or dry destination at any time of year and is similar to Iceland in its unpredictability of weather. The intrigue of Scotland for most visitors is in its magic and folklore due to its deep-rooted culture, and because of that, attending the annual Highland Games, which are held the first Saturday in September, is a really good reason to visit!


Spain is one of the more popular destinations in September on this list, with many Europeans and other tourists trying to savor the last bit of summer. The weather is still sunny and warm in the upper 70s and low 80s, and is still perfect for hitting the beach. There are also several festivals in September that bring crowds to Spain, Festa de la Mercé in Barcelona, and the San Sebastian Film Festival. September also marks the start of the wine harvest season, where you can experience that buzz in one of the wine regions like La Rioja.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

September might be the best time to visit the Tetons, due to the burst of Fall colors and decrease in crowds. You can still enjoy summer activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking, and scenic drives, with cool and crisp mountain air. Plan your trip for early to mid-September for your best chance at avoiding snow and full access to the park, because by October, winter is rolling in and most of the park roads and facilities are closed.


As long as you keep in mind that Iceland is known for its year-round unpredictability when it comes to weather, September is a good time to visit because of the transition from summer to winter. You’ll enjoy less crowds, lower costs, and it will be just dark enough for a chance to see the northern lights! An added bonus of traveling to Iceland in September is seeing the annual tradition of Rettir, where farmers bring their sheep down from the highlands to their farms, where they will stay until Spring. It’s an exciting time where farmers, kids, horses, and sheep dogs are participating all over Iceland.


If you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort style vacation with large, white beaches and the best chance of good weather in September, Aruba is pretty much the only choice in the Caribbean. Though September is peak hurricane season, Aruba lies outside of the prime hurricane belt and very rarely gets hit by hurricanes. It’s reliably one of the hottest and driest islands in the Caribbean and is an easy and rather affordable trip, with many short and direct flights. The island very much caters to tourists, but that means there is no lack of entertainment, excursions, and restaurants to choose from.


Like Spain, Portugal is one of the last havens for late summer vacations in Europe. With temperatures in the upper 70s and an ocean that’s been warming up all summer, you can still enjoy sunshine on the beach (with slightly less crowds). Sightseeing in the charming capital city of Lisbon will be more enjoyable without the scorching summer heat, and you can also participate in the annual grape harvest in the Douro wine region.

Breckenridge, Colorado

Not just a winter destination, Breckenridge is the perfect destination to ease you from summer into fall, with its crisp mountain air and stunning aspen trees changing colors in early to mid-September. All of the summer activities you’d normally enjoy are still available in September, like hiking, fly fishing, and biking. You can stroll the adorable downtown for hours with adorable boutiques, cute artisan cafes, patio restaurants, and local breweries. Beer and wine lovers have several festival options: the Breckenridge Oktoberfest, the Breckenridge Wine Classic, and the Stings, Ciders, and Sours, which are all staggered in September.


Like other southern countries in Europe, you can enjoy warm – but not unbearably hot – weather that’s still perfect for the beach in September in Croatia, with the added bonus of less crowds. The Adriatic Sea remains pleasantly warm for a dip, and doing some sightseeing in the city of Dubrovnik, the city of steps, or hiking in one of the national parks, will be a tad more pleasant with slightly lower temperatures.

Choose where you should go on vacation in September

Even though we shouldn’t (or in some cases – can’t) immediately get on a plane and travel to any of these destinations, doesn’t mean you can’t plan to travel to these places soon. After all, you need time to plan your vacation and the sooner you start to plan, the better your vacation will be. Not to mention, you will be way ahead of everywhere else who chose to remain in fear mode instead of moving forward.

To get started in planning for your next vacation, choosing when you travel is the first step, followed by where you want to travel. If you take my advice and use the conservative but likely scenario that you should have no issues traveling in September, start with this list and see if any of these destinations are exciting to you.

If none of these destinations are quite what you’re looking for, I can still help you (for free!). Because I am a geographer and map-maker, I can quickly filter through the massive amount of destinations in the world to find some options that will be exactly what you’ll be in need of after this is all over. I offer personalized destination as part of my free consultation – get started on my website!

I’m Angela, founder and travel advisor with Wild Hair Travels. Despite the travel restrictions in place right now, I would love to help you start planning your vacation by designing your custom itinerary for your vacation with sightseeing, activities, excursions, and restaurants that are totally personalized to you and your travel style. My 1-on-1 Basic service is a timeless option that you can use whenever you’re comfortable traveling again.