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Custom Vacation Designer.
Geographer + Cartographer.
Proud Texan.

As a custom vacation designer for professional women, it’s my job to design personalized vacation experiences that will reenergize you from your work-life routine.

How I Do This


I preach that vacations should never be a one-size-fits-all and should be 100% personalized to you. Some might say that I’m allergic to pre-made itineraries or out-of-the-box experiences.

But in addition to being personalized to you as a unique human, they should be a match for your current season in life. Your vacation has to be the cure for whatever imbalance you’re feeling right now, so that you can come back home feeling all bright, shiny, and new again, reminded of why you love your career and your life so much in the first place.

Regardless of how much you know you want to go to Germany, or regardless of how much you think you need a relaxing vacation, I help you get to the heart of the needs and expectations that you have about your vacation based on how you’re feeling right now. Because once we have a handle on that, we can make sure that every detail of the vacation will leave you feeling exactly how you envisioned.

Combining my travel experience, geographic way of thinking, exceptional planning skills and intuition for understanding your unique travel style, I’ve created an innovative and modern approach to vacation planning that is perfect for the busy professional woman.


The traditional travel agent industry doesn’t quite meet the bar for someone who wants a vacation beyond the standard all-inclusive resort, cruise, and guided tour group experience, so I’m filling the gap in the industry by serving those who enjoy custom and independent experiences that run on their own schedule and leave plenty of room for a wild hair adventure or two.

Only personalized vacation experiences that match your unique travel style and season of life – without the effort and overwhelm of planning it all by yourself.

What I Believe

What I Believe

I believe that vacations are a unique opportunity to get away from your normal daily work-life routine to try something new, experience another culture, and perhaps learn something new about yourself in the process. They are also a chance to treat yourself to experiences that you don’t normally get, and can be the cure for whatever imbalance in your work or personal life that
you’re currently experiencing.

But I also know that the daily pressures from our careers and our personal lives can leave us putting off that dream vacation for years and years, because of yet another “reason” why now is not the right time for a vacation.

From never-ending deadlines at work, to feeling guilty for leaving your kids at grandma’s house for a week, to a broken A/C unit and an unexpected medical bill in the same month – it can feel like we don’t have the time, shouldn’t spend the money, or would feel too guilty to take that vacation.

But at the core of who I am is someone who doesn’t accept that something is not possible because of an external circumstance. I believe that we should make every opportunity to travel that we can, and that we’ll never regret the experiences we take.

So I want to light the   fire  in your traveling soul to follow your   dreams now.

I call that nagging desire your  wild hair– your intuition and internal motivation pushing you to go after your dreams and leave the logical excuses behind.
My wild hair is the reason for all of the adventures I’ve had in my life so far.

to have a wild hair (v):
to have a sudden impulse or whim to do something, and the drive to make it happen.

Listen to that wild hair and


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How I ended Up Here

How I ended Up Here

I didn’t grow up traveling the world, but the moment I took my first trip abroad at 18 (England -woot!), I became obsessed. Much to the dismay of my mom at the time, a few months after my first trip abroad, I decided to study Spanish and live with a host family in Mexico during the summer. I grew increasingly fascinated with learning about other cultures, and this was only the beginning.

In college, I majored in International Relations because of my love of the world and because I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do for a career. Right after graduation, I took a solo backpacking trip through Western Europe to get a feel for my plan to pursue a career abroad. Instead, that trip taught me that though I have an intense passion for travel, I love my home state of Texas and didn’t want to live anywhere else.

For a decade, I’ve worked in a fast-paced, demanding corporate environment where I was the queen of overwhelm for several of those years. I clung to my precious vacation time and was known as someone who took advantage of every vacation hour to go somewhere new.

After discovering some key inspirational women, I realized that I had been living my life for the next vacation, and that even though I was really good at traveling and taking a break from my career, I wasn’t happy in my normal life. I started a self-development journey that has helped me come out on the other side, finding happiness in my normal routine while still employed at this same job.

Which brings me to where I am today: helping my fellow busy professional women enjoy their lives beyond their work-life routines, showing you that you can thrive, grow, and find fulfillment in your career while still enjoying your personal life and taking consistent and epic vacations.

Fun Facts About Me

Fun Facts About ME

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