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You've diligently researched and booked every detail of your dream vacation. You've secured flights, reserved accommodations, and pre-booked exciting activities. You're feeling accomplished – but now comes the challenge of managing it all while you're on the go.

Vacation Hub

The Vacation Hub Service

My Vacation Hub service is your solution to a stress-free and organized vacation. I will put the finishing touch to your carefully curated vacation plans by organizing all of your vacation details in a user-friendly app.

Say goodbye to hunting through emails and flipping through papers – with your personalized Vacation Hub, you can access everything you need right on your device. This peace of mind lets you enjoy your vacation knowing that every detail is accounted for so you can focus on making memories.

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How It Works

How It Works

Once your vacation plans are finalized and all of your bookings have been made, I’ll step in to carry your vacation plans to the finish line. Just provide me with your trip details and booking confirmations, and I’ll consolidate all your travel details into a beautifully organized app, accessible from your phone, tablet, or computer.


You’ve researched, booked, and locked in all the details for your dream vacation, but don’t stop now and let scattered details or a missed confirmation email dampen your vacation experience.

Let’s get those vacation plans to the finish line with a centralized hub that will give you an elevated and seamless vacation experience.

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*Price reserved only for trips of 10 days or less in length, with no more than 4 total legs. Reach out directly for a quote for longer trips.