How to Choose your Vacation Destination

How to Choose your Vacation Destination

Remember when you were a kid and you would close your eyes, spin the globe, and see where your finger would land? Is that your tactic for choosing your vacation destination this year? Well, I’m not going to let your vacation be subject to the game of chance! Keep reading for some tips you can use to help you figure out where you should go on vacation this year.

As a travel advisor and geographer, I can tell you that choosing where you go on vacation is half the effort of planning the thing, and it’s the most important part. Before you get into the nitty gritty of finding a flight or a place to stay, you want to make sure that the destination you’ve picked is going to check all of the boxes so it ultimately meets your expectations.

Your vacation expectations may change from year to year, so it’s important to consider which destination is right for you this year. Even though Germany has been on your list for a long time and you know you want to travel there, a vacation to Germany may not be the right fit for you this time around because of number of reasons.

How to Choose the Right Destination for your Vacation this Year

Knowing whether a destination is going to be the right fit for your vacation this year means you need to do a lot of research in the very beginning before you even start looking for a flight or hotel. There are three main parts to consider when choosing a destination.

#1 When & Weather

Weather is a big deal on vacation. The temperature and precipitation dictates what you’re able to do and how you feel. Are you wanting warm weather and sunshine on your vacation? Be sure to check that when you’re traveling to a destination will be a match for the weather. Even though day-to-day weather can’t be controlled, you can at least make sure that you’re going in the right season, with the best chance of good weather.

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If you book a vacation to New Zealand in July expecting warm weather, you’re going to be very disappointed when you arrive and discover that it’s winter! Likewise, if you’re wanting abundant sunshine with the least chance of rainfall, taking a vacation to Costa Rica in September (the rainy season) probably won’t give you the sunshine vibes that you’re seeking.

#2 How Long & Budget

Time and money are two important factors that are correlated to one another. How many days can you take off from work and devote to your vacation? If you only have 7 days, you really shouldn’t choose a destination that is further away than the North America / Caribbean / Central America region.

Likewise, how much money can you spend on a vacation this year? If your vacation savings are slim this year, choosing an expensive destination like Switzerland or Iceland is not the right choice. Also, because your vacation cost is directly related to the length of your vacation, you’ll need to consider whether you have both the time and the budget. If you can take 2 weeks off from work, do you also have the budget for a 2-week vacation? Or if you have the money for a 2-week vacation, do you have that much time off from work?

#3 Feelings & Goals

How do you want to feel on your next vacation? What is the goal of your next vacation? Answering these two questions are probably the most important part to making sure that you’re choosing the right destination for you. When it comes to vacation expectations, it’s all about how you feel. You go on vacation and expect to feel a certain way, but if your vacation doesn’t make you feel that way, you risk coming home disappointed.

If you are stressed and exhausted from your career, you are probably in need of a relaxing vacation where you get to unplug, have some fun, and get some good sleep. A destination like the Bahamas would give you the chance to recharge, but a whirlwind trip to Europe wouldn’t be the right fit.

If you’re feeling bored and stifled of your daily routine, your vacation should give you a chance to get out there and do something you’ve never done before. A big and bold destination like New Zealand would offer that opportunity, but a vacation a quaint countryside village in England wouldn’t be the right choice.

Choosing your destination is really a combination of how you want to feel, and all of the other details like when you travel, the weather in the destination, how many days you can devote to your vacation, and your budget this year.

Get Help in Choosing your Vacation Destination

As a travel advisor, I love helping my clients choose where they go on vacation, so if you are still feeling clueless about where you should go on vacation this year, or if you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of amazing places in the world, I’ve got a couple of free resources to help you narrow it down.

If you have absolutely no idea where you should go on vacation, or you are looking for some new inspiration, you can get an instant personalized recommendation by taking my Where Should You Go On Vacation Next? quiz. Even though it’s just a quiz, if there ever was a quiz that truly asked you the right questions about your next vacation, this is it! With 30 unique countries as a possibility for the result, I have tried my best to cover the wide range of possibilities in the world.

If you’re looking for more detailed and personalized help, I offer 1-on-1 destination matching as part of my free consultation. When you sign up for a free consultation, you start by filling out a questionnaire to tell me the basics about your vacation. Your answers help me do some initial filtering of destinations. Then I follow up with you via e-mail with some more personalized questions to get a better feel for what you’re looking for before recommending some options to you. It’s a super convenient back and forth 1-on-1 process that you’re gonna love as much as I do because I’ll be saving you some brainpower.